Left Exhaust Manifold Fits 2002-2003 Rendezvous 4168

3.1 V6

Still on vehicle – R4168 – 327-01597L

*See fitment in description for exact vehicle fitment*

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Fits these vehicles with these options:

ACHIEVA 94-98 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
ALERO 99-03 3.4L, L. (front)
AZTEK 01-03 (3.4L), L. (front)
BERETTA 94-96 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
CENTURY 94-96 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
CENTURY 97-03 (3.1L), L. (front)
CIERA 94-96 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
CORSICA 94-96 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
CUTLASS 93 6-191 (3.1L), VIN M (8th digit), L. (front)
CUTLASS 94-96 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
CUTLASS 97-99 L. (front)
GRAND AM 94-98 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
GRAND AM 99-03 3.4L, L. (front)
GRAND PRIX 00-03 3.1L, L. (front)
GRAND PRIX 94-99 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
IMPALA 00-03 3.4L, L. (front)
LUMINA CAR 00-01 (3.1L), L. (front)
LUMINA CAR 95-99 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
MALIBU 00-03 (3.1L), L. (front)
MALIBU 97-98 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
MALIBU 99 3.1L, L. (front), Federal
MONTANA 99-03 L. (front)
MONTE CARLO 00-03 3.4L, L. (front)
MONTE CARLO 95-99 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
REGAL 00-02 3.1L, L. (front)
REGAL 94-96 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
RENDEZVOUS 02-03 (3.4L), L. (front)
SILHOUETTE 96-03 L. (front)
SKYLARK 94-98 6-191 (3.1L), L. (front)
TRANS SPORT 96-98 L. (front)
TRANS SPORT 99-00 (Canada), L. (front)
VENTURE 97-03 (6-207, 3.4L), L. (front)


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3.1 V6

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